Jessica Charlton   : :   director of photography




Adventuresome Films is the home of Wellington based DP Jess Charlton. Jess named her company Adventuresome Films because she loves to have adventures. For Jess the process of film making is an adventure, and she loves to make films that are adventurous in their content and creation.

Jess has been making films for 13 years. She studied philosophy, fine arts, design, photography and eventually film before discovering that cinematography was her raison d’être. Prior to going freelance as a DP, Jess worked at the NZ Film and Television School for 3 years, where she met some of her best friends and collaborators. In 2011, Jess was director of photography on the feature film, Existence which she also co-wrote.

Jess is available to shoot your projects – drama, documentary, corporate videos and music videos. She loves to collaborate with directors, to help bring their vision to the screen using innovative techniques and proven methods, with loads of adventures along the way.

Jess also works as a gimbal operator for Sky-Hook, a company that specialises in low altitude aerial cinematography.


To get in touch with Jess please call +64 21 1366021
or send a message using the contact form.